Robin Leeb

Camera – Sound – Editing – Colour Grading – Compositing – MoGraph

These are some examples of my cinematic cinematic for the HTW.

Weltfrauentag 2021

The international women's day on March 8.

This year we decided to interview some of the female students of the UAS Technikum Wien who are also study program representitives. This is the result.

Camera – Sound – Music – Editing – Colour Grading – VFX – Compositing – Product Design

Concept – Modelling – 3D Animation – 2D Animation – Lighting – Songwriting – Performance – Audio recording – Sound design – Editing

These are some examples of my cinematic cinematic for die graphische.

Conflict Solution

With the task to create an ad for a product or an idea my group came up with this ironic clip. Two people different as can be come together due to one product.

For most of the shots I was camera operator, for some I was boomer. Directing and cinematography were team work. The post production, however, was an individual work.

The emphasise the importance of our product I wanted to give the last shot some VFX element. Thus I reconstructed the 3D scene in Blender, put in our product and did the compositing in Davinci Resolve's Fusion.


This is the short film I handed in for my application at the graphische. The given theme was 'superheros'.

Besides learning for the application of the master program for game engineering and simulation, finishing my bachelor thesis and working full time I had to cut things. Therefore I decided to use the familiar technique of 2D animation within a 3D world once again.

And thus Smile was born, the heart warming story of a person who wipes off their sad face and paints a happy one. Then they go to do the same to other people, and those are superheros.

Concept – Recording – Mixing // Concept – Camera – Modelling – Tracking – 3D Animation – Lighting – Compositing – Editing – Sound Design – Motion Design/Graphics – Colour Grading

Things are Getting Bad is a small music project.

Nothing But Defeated

A short song in F# major. It's one of those songs nobody actually knows what it is about – it's about everything and nothing at once.

Anyway, this is a short music video, combining film, kinetic typography and rather sloppy VFX.

Screenplay – Shooting Script – Floormap

Screenplay (german) (PDF)

Shooting Script (german) (PDF)

Storyboad – Concept Art

Storyboad (PDF)

Original Screenplays and Storyboard, partially group projects.

Corona (Working Name)

What impact does the COVID-19 self-quarantine/isolation have on people?

This is the topic this three minutes long one-shot film involves. We follow a young man who is sperated from his beloved girlfriend.

The Lion

The Lion is a short story that is part of an interactive episodic film called The Choices We Make.

This story was written as a part of a tender by Wings for Life, an organisation for spinal chord research. The whole concept of The Choices We Make is inspired by interactive video games like Detroid: Become Human or Men of Medan. The purpose is to show that even the slightest mistake can lead to severe injury that paralyses one. Nobody is immune to accidents and one should not jeopardise their life.